Box With A Heart


Back from Caravan Stage Company I felt inspired to make my own travelling theatre but I only had 150€ to do it. So I went to a hardware store and bought a 300L barrel, welded some wheels to make it roll, made a 1.80m box that would serve me as a stage and voila. Learned a few songs, bought a chair and a guitar. So while I’m sitting inside the box an unsuspecting spectator passes by and selects a song. Then I would quite often growl some Tom Waits or similar tunes and they would pay some petty cash to a human barrel-boxed jukebox. Travelled the streets and houses of Zagreb channeling my storytelling to whoever felt the need to listen to it.

I also wrote stories for bands like East Rodeo, Rory Hinchey, Zack Kouns, Sunset Rubdown. Similar to the idea I started to invite people to send me pictures to which I would write short surreal fantasy stories. On one occasion City Acupuncture requested to write and perform a love story performance with the box to encircle all of the public interventions they’ve done to the architecture of one of the Zagreb suburbs, Trnje. The box is now dismantled in my flat having a winter nap and pondering over new stories to tell.


Box painted by Ivan Šivak
Tourist guide for DAZ (Society of architects Zagreb) for Trnjeraj project