Baron Trenk was a fearful character. When he perished, frozen on a mount Sljeme summit, his horse Carny withered away with him. But Carny’s corporal self was only partially decomposed so he found a way to squeeze his hooves through the soil into the underworld. Among its hollow hallways Carny found ex Baron Trenk’s funeral orchestra wandering about. They ritually ended their existence as soon as their liege was gone. Together they channel a longing chant through the corridors of their afterlife.

Carny is now defunct, left randomly to roam the underworld on his own, but somehow I’ve come to love singing in a growling voice. Let him rest in utter silence as the maggot Mary does her work.

Band members

Dario Bukovski – lead vocals
Tomislav Luetić – keyboards
Grgur Savić – saxophone
Darija Turina – electric guitar
Dimitrij Petrović – drums