Chilly & Sammy


Chilly & Sammy are my two beloved pets in dog/cat form respectively. They tend to have human like behavior. Once a week Sammy wants his hair combed and Chilly likes eating my ear plugs every morning. So for Lidia’s birthday I decided to immortalize them in my own PC game for 2 players. It’s a simple platformer since I just started learning how to code and this Gamemaker offers great possibilities for newbies. The story is set inside Lidia’s digestive tract where Chilly & Sammy decided to hide cause there’s a huge thunderstorm outside. So they must hide as deep as they can and hope they don’t get eaten by their owners bacteria or the Great Moustache Turk – a final boss.


Patient 12


Sammy: W (Jump) , A (Move left), D (Move right)
Chilly: ^ (Jump) , <-- (Move left), --> (Move right)