Patient 12



My most ambitious project yet. It’s still in the works but here is the basic idea. It’s a cabaret band with me as the lead vocal and dancer. I impersonate Patient 12 who is stationed in an asylum Patience Ravine run by two controllers [ ] and { }. He is a vessel for clients who have greatly sinned or carry some burden too heavy to bear. Patient 12 sets them free through a drone-like dance. The hell-blues lullaby music is played, during a live experiment, as an instigator for the astral projection on the back wall where one can spot the Patient and his clients intertwine their sinful dance.

There are 4 more client requests to film and as soon as this is done I will begin enquiring candidates for controller [] and {} who have to be apt in mental torture as well as some basic keyboard and guitar skills.

Current project state

Looking for 2 musicians (keyboards + electric guitar). Contact me via mail.