Tvornica Kulture TV



I met Lidia at a club Tvornica Kulture in Zagreb. She came to a journalist meeting for a newspaper we were about to make infamous with our revolutionary texts and surreal promo videos. She told me later that I looked arrogant and didn’t even say hi to her. That is true to this day. She gets a kiss instead of hi. We had big plans and the first thing on our list was to make a weekly promo video for the bands that would play in that club. It lasted for 13 episodes and eventually crumbled due to lack of funding and enthusiasm of the people in charge. We also made a single outing with my barrel on wheels to promote the newspaper, screaming its name across the town’s main square.

To this day I haven’t done this much creative work in such a continuous fashion.


1st episode – Official selection Požega 1 minute film festival, 2012