Unicorn Suicides


Unicorn Suicides is a DJ/VJ club event with a depressive Last Unicorn as its centerpiece. To prevent his racial life-ending method (suicide) from occurring, our DJ/VJ duo is using a special concoction of atmospheric visualizations, interactive fanzine and musical injections.
Some of the themed injections are:

  • Injection vs. RomanticDinnerophobia – fear of a single candle romantic dinner (Roxy Music, Leonard Cohen, Echo and The Bunnymen, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, The Smiths…)
  • Injection vs. Plushfobia – fear of plush gifts (The Cure, Bruce Springsteen, Mazzy Star, Beirut, Nick Drake, Nina Nastasia…)
  • Injection vs. Cuddlephobia – fear of women friendly sex (Pulp, Interpol, Suede, Patti Smith, Bat For Lashes, Smog, Nick Cave, Destroyer, Tindersticks, Lamb…)
  • Injection vs. Grantophobia – fear of Hugh Grant blu-ray collection (Gang Of Four, Beck, David Bowie, N.I.N., Tom Waits, Danger Mouse, Cat Power…)

The event was held on a weekly basis for the whole year in Tvornica Kulture club in Zagreb and before some other gigs/events in smaller clubs.

We were often adding elements to the brand so we formed a side event for kids where we would play some long forgotten weird ex-YU cartoons and let them dub over the top so they would reenact some of their childhood heroes (Tom & Jerry, He-Man, Garfield, Pingu, Baltazar, Smurfs…). We also developed a voting system so the best dubber got a Unicorn Suicides themed present (Last Unicorn’s cardboard room replica) and some random goodies.

We are still open for bookings so if you need a 4-6 hour audiovisual extravaganza be sure to check us out!


Lidia Horvat & Dario Bukovski


You can reach us via mail or our official Facebook.